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Please note, all settings can be changed after implementing ReviewBuddy

1. Select format

160x250 pixels
120x250 pixels

160x120 pixels
120x120 pixels

2. Customize look and feel

Border color
Title text
Title BG

Font type
Corner style

3. Enter the name of what is being reviewed

e.g. Your company name or the name of your website/webshop

4. Label your customer feedback 'Reviews' or 'Recommendations'

Select 'Reviews' if you will also accept negative reviews and will only delete fake or fraudulent reviews

Select 'Recommendations' if you don't want to show any negative customer feedback on your website

5. Auto or manual approve?
(Only available in Recommendation mode, see step 3.)

6. Email notifications

7. Can anyone write a review or recommendation?

The 'Write a Review' or 'Write a Recommendation' button WILL NOT be visible

The 'Write a Review' or 'Write a Recommendation' button WILL be visible

8. Your email address

Your email address is used to sign in. We don't spam.

Your password - At least 5 charaters long

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